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Ballet Rising

Videocast EP0020, Web Monetization & The Performing Arts

Casey Herd
Exploring the emergence of classical ballet in the most unlikely places
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As the performing arts industry moves into the digital world, we must consider new technologies aimed at making a more fair & equitable internet to engage with our community and support the artists we love.

In this interview Ballet Rising director Casey Herd discuss with fellow grantees, Briana Stuart and Greg Hannam, what is web monetization, how it works, and why it's important for people in the dance industry to understand it as we shift into the digital world. We finish off with an introductory to the Grant For The Web and encourage our colleagues and fans to take a look: - https://cinnamon.video/watch?v=512200494752465959

More information about Briana Stuart and Creative Living For Dancers: https://creativelivingfordancers.com/

Follow Greg Hannam and Vivid IoV Labs here: https://www.vividiov.com/

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