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Discussion on: Web Monetization Payment Option For a Multi-Publisher Local News Hub — Grant Report #240

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Benedict Lau

Thanks for sharing this. I'd say the challenges you have shared match up pretty closely with COMPOST's since we released our first issue on March 8th. In the one month we've seen about $5 of web monetization income, which averages to about $1 a week. (Note that we started at about $15 at time of launch from various testing activities in the time prior.)

We also fundraise on Open Collective using a more traditional monthly subscription model. Our content is not paywalled, so subscription is really just a non-exchange-based support. In this same period we have gained 10 subscribers (a couple made one-time donations while 7 are recurring at $5 a month).

This can be a rough reference for comparison, and where web monetization adoption is for our general audience.

The following statements in your post feel resonating with our experience:

The big stumbling block for us to put this technology into production is the $0.36 hourly rate.

The other big stumbling block we're facing is the complexity of on-ramping a reader. It's a multi-step, involved process that, as it stands today, only the most computer-savvy reader will undertake.

Hence if we say "go get an Uphold account for your digital wallet and add the Coil Chrome extension," we are now on the hook for how that tech works and what it does to an end-user's computer.

This is the paragraph we wrote to introduce web monetization to our readers.