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Memex.Social - Grant Report #1 December 1st 2021

Oliver Sauter
Co-Founder getmemex.com. Interested in personal and collaborative knowledge management and how to create economic incentives for the curation and creation of quality content.
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Hey folks.
I wanted to give you an update on our progress since we got the grant funding.


  • Free Users: ~15.000
    • We lost about 3k users when we deprecated the history search (after initial application)
    • Regained them through tighter product focus, better user research and small, impactful workflow improvements (see below)
  • Paying Users: ~550
  • Beta users for sharing features: 800

Quick video summary:


Feature Updates

In the last few months main focus was smaller but impactful UX improvements to the annotation experience & thorough planning of the sharing and following features.

  1. Replying to annotation threads in the web interface: https://memex.social/c/oiLz5UIXw9JXermqZmXW
  2. Youtube Annotations: https://twitter.com/BlackForestBoi/status/1328671050947850241
  3. Markdown Editor: https://twitter.com/worldbrain/status/1322977197666324491
  4. Readwise/Roam/Notion/Evernote Integration: https://twitter.com/BlackForestBoi/status/1317016935960367104
  5. Inbox for saved items: https://twitter.com/BlackForestBoi/status/1317120202077802497

Next Steps

  1. Launching the notification center to inform people about replies to their own annotations. Needed to fully launch the feature to reply to annotations via the web interface.
  2. MVP for following collections and see other people's annotations in context (Mockup demo in the video above). Development start: next week.
  3. User profiles with WebMonetization endpoint

Will keep you updated here.
Thanks again so much for enabling our journey to build this.

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Chris Lawrence

Love it Oliver! Did you add a payment pointer to this post?

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Oliver Sauter Author

Oh! I didn't know that was possible.

I tried to add it to my account just now with the StackBit integration, but it gives me a 404.

Any other way?

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Chris Lawrence

"Next, put your payment pointer to work! The first place to do that is right here on community.webmonetization.org. Go to your settings page and add your payment pointer to your Web Monetization settings."

More details here: community.webmonetization.org/erik...

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Oliver Sauter Author


Would be great to know about this in the onboarding process to this platform. Would never have guessed if you didn't tell me.

Thread Thread
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Chris Lawrence

We thought we had, but I still think we need to get that better/right.

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Super cool guys, you look like Pocket app on steroids, and an insanely good pricing!