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Slow Payment Process with Coil. UX Improvement possible?

Oliver Sauter
Co-Founder getmemex.com. Interested in personal and collaborative knowledge management and how to create economic incentives for the curation and creation of quality content.
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When using the coil extension to pay for pages I am on, it takes a minute or 2 for the dialogue to confirm successful payment.

Of course its a no-brainer that this is not an ideal UX and will be annoying to many users.
Admittedly after already the 2nd payment I made my desire to pay for pages dropped rapidly, in the prospect that I have to wait so long on each page.

I wonder how much of this process can be done in the background, while the user already gets a confirmation of his request being processed?

The ideal experience would be for me: I click and get instant confirmation. Even if the actual payment process takes a bit more time, it should just happen in the background.

If there are any errors, I may wanna get an email, or a monthly summary with all my payments, including the failed ones so i can potentially retry.

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Denisa Reshef Kera

Few times I actually lost patience waiting for the confirmation & simply left the page but it actually did work out with some delay... I use PayTrackr v0.2.4 to follow the payments so I was actually surprised to pages paid that the Coil extension dialogue didn't indicate... not certain what this Coil extension dialogue does on the background, waits for monetizationprogress? or monetizationstart? I agree that feedback for the visitor needs to improve. I'm also still confused about the small counter when it shows what I pay x what is paid on the page, and I'm still trying to understand the continuous x unlocking type or payments....

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Oliver Sauter Author

Yeah it just won't go away until a very long time after. last time it was 4.5 minutes(!) on a page here in the forum.

And yes, in the background it apparently always works, as I get the confirmation that it worked via email.

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Adrian Hope-Bailie

it takes a minute or 2 for the dialogue to confirm successful payment.

Which dialogue are you referring to? Payments are real time, that's the whole point so if there is a delay in the UX then we need to fix that.

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Oliver Sauter Author

this one: community.webmonetization.org/remo...

It stays in this screen practically forever. If it happens in real time in the background I expect as a user to immediately get the confirmation that the payment happened.

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Oliver Sauter Author
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Please raise this as an issue within Github. And do tag sublimator.

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Nicholas Shay Dudfield


Thanks for the feedback. This is @sublimator from GH

I opened an issue concerning this:

I'm a little puzzled why you were waiting 1 minute for any indication of payment.
It's not something that I've seen myself.