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AFRICA KITOKO — Grant Report #20200132

Project Update

AfricaKitoko.com let anyone access powerful, positive rich visual content about Africa and African Heritage. We aim to gradually become the go-to web destination for the African-american and Afro diaspora community to learn about African Heritage and Africa through exceptional visuals, a digest form of communications compared to long reads.

Progress on objectives

  • 120 new visuals/illustrations/GIFs are produced
  • We scale the distribution and discoverability of our visuals and GIFs to 20,000 new persons/viewers by enlisting the support of influencers and better outreach via our social networks
  • We implement the web monetization standard and dedicate an explainer page on our website

Key activities

  • 120 new visuals/illustrations/GIFs have been realized
  • According to Google Analytics we attracted 20,660 users (visitors) and 67,667 page views as of February 2nd, 2021; with the USA being the top traffic country
  • We added a mention of COIL support on the explainer page on our website https://africakitoko.com/about-us-press-center/

Communications and marketing


What’s next?

Fully implement the web monetization standard on our website

What community support would benefit your project?

Spread the word about http://africakitoko.com/ and we welcome any new opportunities.

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Chris Lawrence

When do you expect the site to be fully Web Monetized?