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The Chicago Genius Herald

Hey folks! Our organization, The Chicago Genius Herald is not included on the project page, but we've set up our organization. Can I get added to that?

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Staff User Author

Hey Michael!

Great question.

We do not have a place yet where invitee organizations are listed, but over time we hope to improve the search functionality on this site to include organizations, while also likely offering directories for organizations and users.

To be clear, the project page here was not meant to be exclusive — the list was manually created to make it so that the initial group of folks who joined up on the site could easily join organizations without accidentally creating duplicate orgs. You can see the whole flow that we developed here to make this process work.

Anyway, we still recognize the need to have a way to browse all orgs — again, it helps stop folks from creating duplicated orgs! — and we hope to add this feature down the line. That said, we are not adding more projects to the list as this would be a commitment to manually edit the page each time. We hope you understand!

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!