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Hello πŸ‘‹

lukebrobbs profile image Luke ・1 min read

Hi everyone, just a quick hello from your friendly neighbourhood Donation Stream team.

It has been a crazy few months working on our Grant for the Web project, We've loved immersing ourselves in everything Web Monetization/Interledger!

We are putting together our progress report at the moment. Its been good to take a moment and look at everything we have achieved so far, it is easy to forget when each day presents itself with new problems to solve.

We are nearing the point of things being in production, things are about to get real πŸ”₯

How has everyone else's experience been so far?

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erikad profile image

Hi Luke & Mike. Looking forward to reading your progress report and hearing more about Donation Stream! Semi-related, you may be interested to learn how we're using this site itself to donate micropayments to charities with established payment pointers.

mikeh profile image
Mike Huggins

Hi Erika, yes I had read that and thought it was a great initiative, reminded me of the probabilistic revenue sharing that Coil are very keen on.

We are planning on having organisations add their payment pointers to our site on sign up and then sharing the revenue between them in a collective style(we thought of this after our submission so probably outside the initial project scope unless we get a bit of time at the end).

mikeh profile image
Mike Huggins

Fabulous to be here with Luke and driving forward on all things interledger/web monetization/XRP. It has been a really exciting learning curve and can't wait to produce the report shortly.