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Frederic Font Corbera

Hi again, we've been checking the available resources for web monetization, but we're a bit unsure about its application to our use case.

Just as a quick summary, our use case is the implementation of Freesound Licensing, a platform that will allow creators uploading Creative Commons sound content to Freesound (i.e. sound authors) to re-license the sounds to sound users that require usage rights other than those defined in the original CC licenses. The idea is that when a sound user needs a new license for a sound, she can send money via web monetization to Freesound Licensing, and Freesound Licensing will pay the author of the sound (taking a fee) and will generate a license for the sound user. These should be one-time payments of ~5$.

After further reading about web monetization, all the examples that I see have to do with time-based payments (e.g. the more you stay on a site, the more the content creator gets paid), but this does not fit our use case because the sounds we license are not consumed in the site itself but downloaded and used elsewhere.

My question is: does web monetization support one-time payments like the ones we require? Is there any example/documentation around that's closer to our use case?

Thanks a lot,

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Frederic Font Corbera

Hi, I got no answer for this question, can you please have a look? Thanks @Erika

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The underlying ILP technology supports one-time payments and Coil is exploring a tipping feature, as this is a highly requested feature. Several other folks from the community are thinking about alternatives to time-based payments (@roelfjan and @sid spring to mind).

The Interledger Community Forum and Slack channel are good places to ask about documentation.