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Web Monetization: Impacting the DIY Music Industry

Hessel van Oorschot
Media Tech entrepreneur. Passion for "open" business models. Support content creators with fair, sustainable models.
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Greg Hannam (Vivid IoV Labs) interviewing Hessel van Oorschot (CEO Tribe of Noise, Free Music Archive) about fair trade and new revenue models in the music industry.

Discussed: Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Tribe of Noise, Jamendo, The Creative Passport, Creative Commons, Grant for the Web, Mozilla, Coil, Free Music Archive (FMA), e-Residency, Interledger Foundation and... the fastest growing segment of the global recorded music business today: DIY independent musicians.

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Desigan CHINNIAH • Edited

Nice, @hessel & @gjhannam23

I've added PodLink to the mix since it's WebMo'ed ;)

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Greg Hannam

Cheers Dees, not sure why your link didn't work for me. Here it is: pod.link/1551973067

I'll go back and populate the Pods with the extra link