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Discussion on: Grant for the Web Progress Report

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Absolutely love the focus on POC/BAME/BIPOC areas that have traditionally had restricted or difficult access to capital. I truly believe that by assisting underserved communities it truly lifts every community.

It's truly incredible everything that's been achieved so far. I wonder if there is potential for a crowdfunding component for GftW for all those people that find themselves crypto rich and want to donate to help build out the future. It could be seen as a worthwhile investment strategy in it's own right...

Congratulations on everything achieved to date and we're also really excited about the future in this space. Web monetization has the potential to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing humankind; the veracious spread of misinformation, people unable to work traditional vocations due to pandemics, automation, etc. Thank you for all the opportunities that Grant for the Web has created.