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Watch our grantee roundtable session from MozFest

Bookworm πŸ“š and solitary walkerπŸ”οΈ. My background is in open technology, community building, and advocacy. Previously at the Mozilla Foundation. She/her.
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It's finally ready! MozFest has posted the recording of our grantee roundtable session, Business models on the web are broken! Let's fix them.

This session featured a number of Grant for the Web grantees discussing their projects and sharing their struggles and successes.

To view the session, you'll need to register for MozFest (it's pay-what-you-can). Then, visit our session page to watch the video.

Thank you so much to the following panel participants for speaking so honestly about their projects:
@creativelivingfordancers from STU Arts Dance
@ericahargreave from the Sustainable Funding Vlocast
@gjhannam23 from Vivid IoV Labs and the Freemitization project
@meghan from Tribe of Noise and the Free Music Archive (FMA)
@blackforestboi from Memex
@phoebepoon and Kin Ko from LikeCoin

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