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Weekly Community Activity Round-Up! (1/15/2021)

Chris Lawrence
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Wow, this community is poppin' off! After a holiday break and a mountain of catch-up, we are back to our weekly round-up of posts you may have missed. Check out these updates, conversations, and resources. Dive in and see some highlights of the work we are all doing together!

Technical Scholar Sid on WM in browsers

If you are interested in how Web Monetization might become native in browsers, follow Sid's work!

Grant Reports & Updates Rolling In!

Here Will from Immers Space goes deep on the progress on their grant. And he wants beta testers for their VR chess game. Wanna play? To see all the grant reports use the #grantreports hashtag

Welcome the W3C to the fold!

GftW's own Erika blogs about how the W3C will help ensure that the Grant for the Web program, grantees, and community shape an emerging Web Monetization ecosystem favorable to open standardization.

We love a project updates!

Here Stephanie Rieger details where she is at with the Exploring the future of Web Monetization project. Her whitepaper is in review, can't wait for all of us to learn from her findings!

Can you "Like" this post?

Jon Clement sparked a great conversation when he asked how much a Like is worth. Jump in and share your opinion!

The Future must be musical

Hessel from the Free Music Archive was interviewed recently about the Future of Music. Check out the convo!

Two new Mozilla Fellows on Web Economics!

GftW Executive Council member Janice blogged about how Mozilla has just announced two new Fellows to study Web Economics, including Web Monetization.

Ok, that is it for this week, feel free to reach out and suggest a post to highlight next week.

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Staff User • Edited

Congrats on these awesome posts @sid , @syndic_will , @erikad , @stephrieger , @jon , @hessel , and @janicewait ! 🙌 🙌 🙌

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Great! Keep it rolling!

Hopefully it'll be more merry when this community opened for public and more folks are joining in!

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Chris Lawrence Author • Edited

@Radhy the community is open to anyone. Reading posts is public. Need to join to comment/engage.

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@Radhy the community is open to anyone. Reading posts is public. Need to join to comment/engage.

Ah, yes, aside from the posts mostly made by folks related to GFTW, I got the invitation from GFTW email so I kept forgetting that there's really no verification when I was signing up. I'm looking forward to more people with casual perspectives on WM API joining, though.

Thread Thread
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Chris Lawrence Author

Feel free to share with people you think might be interested in!

Thread Thread
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Yes, I just shared it with my friend back from art college yesterday. He doesn't usually join English forums, though, but might be interested in the next GFTW call for proposal.

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

So many good ones in here! And lol, loving that roundup GIF. 🤠