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Energies index website

Mamoune Brahim
Researcher in the field of renewable energies
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Hello, there
My name is Mamoune Brahim from Mauritania and I live in Nouakchott.

I am working now on the " Energy Index Website" project, which is an interactive map website that displays production, consumption of electricity and electricity sources data and compares them with the theoretical and applicable potentials of renewable energies .

With an increase in the shift to renewable energies around the world
We expect an increase in Internet searches on the same topic

The idea of the project is to create a website that displays information on the topics :

Energy data: production, consumption and sources of electricity, carbon dioxide production)
Demographic information: population density, percentage of the population near the beach.
Geographical information: the area of the country or region, the percentage of land and water surfaces, the length of the beach, volcanic activity)

This information is available on the Internet, but you will need several searches to get all this information on the same page

distinguishes the site is the simple method to showing the information, whereby anyone, regardless of their education background or age . he can benefit from the information electricity consumption, renewable energy potential, geographic and demographic information, with just a one click .and developing of the "energy index", which is the percentage of applied possibilities of one of the renewable energies in a country and comparing it with the total annual electricity consumption in the same country, where I calculated it for more than 190 countries for the total renewable energies.
With an increase in the shift to renewable energies around the world
We expect an increase in Internet searches on the same topic

I have already worked on turning this idea into reality, as I created a site on local hosting and formatted it as follows:

Maps: When you click on the maps, a page will appear that displays the six selected energies (solar, wind, waves, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal ).
When you click on any of the previous energies, a page will appear that displays interactive maps (the world map, the five continents maps).

Wave Energy Maps 1 ENERGIES INDEX website

Wave Energy Maps 2 ENERGIES INDEX website

You can click on any country listed on the map, and a new page will open for you that displays statistics, data and information (electricity, renewable energy, geography, demography) for that country.When you return to the previous page, you can click on the map title.
The same previous data will appear, but now for the world and for each continent separately.

Lists: When you click on lists, a page will appear that displays renewable energies.
When you click on any of them, you will see lists of world countries arranged alphabetically.

Wave Energy Lists ENERGIES INDEX website

When you click on any of the titles, countries or continents, a page will appear that displays previous information and data.
That is, the maps page and the lists page display the same information, but in a different way

This information is available on the Internet, but you will need several searches to get all this information on the same page:

World Wave Energy Potential Map

Africa Wave Energy Potential

Europe Wave Energy Potential

Asia Wave Energy Potential

Oceania Wave Energy Potential

North America Wave Energy Potential

South America Wave Energy Potential

This is the idea of the website. When you open the maps page and click on any country on the map, you will see the following indicators for all of renewable energies

Scientific Methodology: On this page we show how the theoretical and applied potentialities of renewable sources and the renewable energy index method of calculation

Methodology - ENERGIES INDEX website

Sources : On this page we present the sources of data, information and images that are displayed on the "Energies Index" website

World Bank Open Data -https://data.worldbank.org/

Statistical Review of World Energy - British Petroleum

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

The World Factbook

Encyclopædia Britannica

Project advantages

1 Simplify information, data and statistics related to renewable energies and define their capabilities
2 projects that can make profits from Google ads and affiliate marketing
3 The project budget is very low compared to the value it provides

I need financial support to complete the project, I am now working on local hosting.

Project completion budget
1 Buy a domain name: $10 - $100 per year
2 Hosting for a year: 500$
3 Site promotion: $1,000 per year

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