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Zecrey: Best cross-chain wallet.

Hello viewers,
Hey friends have you checked out the special features of @zecreyprotocol?

There are several keywords to describe its #features: ZK-rollup, privacy, #Layer2 #crosschainbridge, and cross-chain swap.
So we offer you #MultichainWallet.

Official Website: https://t.co/gJefbyajc4
Discord: https://t.co/c8z1ubdznd
Telegram: https://t.co/ixbMF34APT
Medium: https://t.co/HGigezhe9R
Youtube: https://t.co/llng6nmgrX
Product Handbook: https://t.co/lfl2aGW8kL
Technical White Paper: https://t.co/greuWIQip3

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Does this wallet support XRP? I wasn't able to look at the whitepaper without supplying a verifiable email address... it's not available to the public.