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Discussion on: is it possible to use a modified CC license?

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I've had the same thought.. especially around CC-BY-NC which you can't monetize without explicit permissions from the owner (and even then there's some questions around if it's in breach). A kind of CC-BY-NC+80% – where you can't exploit commercially unless you share 80% of income with the owner.

As @radhyr tho, any modification to the CC license is in breach of CC so it would be a new license. So nothing to stop you (I think, ianal) from copying a CC license, adding a clause and calling it a Web Monetization license - but you couldn't use the same name, and it wouldn't be OSI approved and it would be another new license to add to the pile. A Stack question around this subject of forking CC.

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Xander Jake de los Santos Author

i like "Web Monetization license". has a nice ring to it xD
could we make that a real thing?