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COIL is hanging, not loading...

Dr. Carol JVF Burns
Math-on-the-web: 400+ lessons from arithmetic thru calculus, using MathJax and JSXGraph for dynamic math/graphics. Excited to experiment with web monetization!
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[As of 8:08 local time, this now appears to be fixed! Hooray!]

Original post:
There appear to be some new COIL software changes. I'm seeing a new indicator/icon in the header of browser (I use Edge on a Windows 10 machine.) I've been seeing "Setting up payment" (with running dots along the bottom) for about 15 minutes now (even after repeatedly refreshing pages) and COIL doesn't seem to be loading. It's Friday, July 9, 2021, 7:49 AM local time (Sahuarita, Arizona, USA). There is no indicator in the lower left page, where I usually see streaming income. Is anyone else seeing this new behavior? I'm monetized myself, so I (usually) see my own income when I visit my own pages... and, I'm seeing the same behavior on these community web monetization pages.

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Chris Lawrence

@feraltc any insights on this?

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Dr. Carol JVF Burns Author

Now appears to be fixed... perhaps I "caught" the web developers in the middle of a change. Now everything is working as expected and looks good!

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Nathan Lie • Edited

Yep, it was a known issue that was just fixed, but thanks for flagging it! If anyone else is experiencing this, be sure that the extension is updated to the latest version.

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Chris Lawrence

Thanks Nathan!