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Discussion on: Weekly Round-Up Post! (June 11th, 2021)

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I'm actually curious what other community members and grantees are planning once Rafiki new testnet is up. I know we won't get to play with the new version of Rafiki testnet shortly in the next few months, but knowing how awesome Rafiki-enabled payments gonna be, I just feel we don't hype Rafiki enough!

My post on Rafiki discussion is limited on revshare, but I'll be thrilled if you can start discussions on what people are planning with Rafiki-enabled Interledger payments on their projects @chrislarry ! Something more general like tipping and subscription, how they're gonna implement them and so on. We can talk more in-depth about use cases for Rafiki than we do in the last discussion thread about Rafiki announcement; is this a good topic for the next weekly discussions?