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Discussion on: Quartz Open Access — Grant Report #20200095

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Sid Vishnoi

Hi @atenorio , I have extracted a MVP extension from the Coil extension. I hope it can be a helpful reference.

GitHub logo sidvishnoi / wm-firefox-extension-coil

WebMonetization extension (for Coil) to demonstrate native WebMonetization support at https://github.com/sidvishnoi/gecko-webmonetization/

Although the extension makes use of experimental web monetization browser extension APIs (see background.js), the rest of the code can be used almost as is. Feel free to ping me if you've questions.

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Chris Lawrence

Thanks @sid

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Ámbar Author • Edited

Thanks @sid , very useful project!

We are struggling from the server-side, as we want to implement the GraphQL API Coil provides, but we cannot find the server-side implementation. Do you know where we could find help for this?

Thanks a lot

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Sid Vishnoi

I think the Coil GraphQL API would be proprietary. @adrianhopebailie could tell more.