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Immers Space Demo @ RC3

Will Murphy
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Howdy GftWers! If you're attending the Remote Chaos Experience of the Chaos Communications Congress, Immers Space will be doing a demo and tour of the decentralized metaverse tomorrow, 12/30 at 5pm CET (10am CST) https://rc3.world/rc3/event/federation-for-the-immersive-web/

The tour will include a technical discussion of the ActivityPub W3C standard for federated social networks and how we're applying it to the Immersive Web as well as a demo of a multiplayer Web Monetized premium feature - when one person is paying, it upgrades the experience for everyone in the space!

If you're not an RC3 ticket holder, but still want to check it out, send me a note and I just might be able to sneak you in the back door ;)

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Chris Lawrence

Will you be able to post any archival materials from this?

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Will Murphy Author

Hi Chris! I have a couple images. We were fortunate to have Christopher Lemmer Webber, co-editor of the ActivityPub W3C specification that we're using, in attendance.
selfie several avatars on a castle rampart
Image of several avatars watching a presentation on immersive web environment design from Dulce Baerga