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Introducing Rafiki – An All-In-One Solution for Interledger Wallets

Uchi Uchibeke
・1 min read

Read Stefan's (CEO @Coil) blog post about Rafiki, an All-In-One Solution for Interledger which will enable features like:

  • Simple Payments (paying a specific amount)
  • Recurring Payments (subscriptions and pay-as-you-go)
  • App-based Payments (connecting apps to your Interledger wallet, allowing them to make payments)
  • Advanced Payments (including streaming payments and other novel use cases)

For Web Monetization and Grant for the Web Projects, Stefan mentions that "there are a lot of Grant for the Web grantees whose projects depend on the functionality that Rafiki unlocks and this will allow them to start testing and developing their ideas. We are also already talking to our wallet partners about deploying Rafiki on the live Interledger network." Exciting!

Learn more about Rafiki and contribute to the official Rafiki source code repository.

Complete blog post about Rafiki.

Discussion (2)

yawnxyz profile image
Jan Zheng • Edited

Do you guys have a schedule / timetable towards beta or 1.0? We might shuffle our ideas / design / schedule around based on when Rafiki will be available. This is SUPER exciting, really good work!

uchibeke profile image
Uchi Uchibeke Author

Hi Jan, we are looking at having a testnet live before the end of 2021.

And we will also add the roadmap in the Code repo in the coming weeks. github.com/coilhq/rafiki.