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Fund your Post Apocalyptic Human Resistance Cell

Funding Your Human Resistance Cell After the Apocalypse — Grant Report #1

John Rhea
John is a storyteller with design and development skills.
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An Introduction to Programming in JavaScript: Stomping Zombies with Variables, Loops, Functions and More Book Cover

Project Update

I've made good progress toward writing and publishing the two books I set out to do: an introduction to JavaScript and an introduction to the JavaScript Monetization API. In fact, the first book An Introduction to Programming in JavaScript: Stomping Zombies with Variables, Loops, Functions and More was published on 2/1/21 and I'm working on plans to market it (One of the first things I'm doing is a giveaway on Goodreads starting 2/8). I'm on track to finish the project or be quite close by the end date.

Progress on objectives

In writing this book I realized that the two books I had planned would be insufficient. There's too much information to cover in one book to prepare my audience for the Monetization API book, so I've switched to writing three books. The initial draft of the second book, JavaScript Basics: Flinging Event, Element, and Object Bombs at Zombie Heads, is almost complete. I'm working on implementing some feedback from a friend and then it will be ready to send to my editor. I plan to publish it May 1, 2021.

I'm about halfway through the first draft of the third book, JavaScript Monetization API: How to Fund your Human Resistance Cell after the Apocalypse. I believe I'm on track to finish it and send it to my editor before the end of the project. I plan to publish it August 1, 2021.

Key activities

  • Researched material for all three books
  • Wrote drafts for first two books and half of the third
  • Had my editor review/edit my first book
  • Created cover and marketing copy for the first book
  • Currently preparing second book for editing (finishing implementing some feedback a friend gave me)

Communications and marketing

I linked to the blog grantee announcement in my newsletter.

I'm currently working on marketing plans for the books.

What’s next?

  • Will send the second book to my editor.
  • Will finish the third book and send it to my editor.
  • Will prepare marketing plans for the books.
  • Will create covers and marketing copy for the other books

What community support would benefit your project?

Any grantee or Grant for the Web related people interested in the book are welcome to have a free copy. All I ask is for some honest feedback, and if you enjoy it, a review on one of the marketplaces it's available on.

Discussion (3)

toddhansen profile image
Todd Hansen

I love the title of this report!

chrislarry profile image
Chris Lawrence

Good stuff John? Have you considered adding Web Monetization to your book's landing page?

undeadinstitute profile image
John Rhea Author

Yes, but I've been a little late on the uptake (like with this reply). I also plan to give away a zombie-themed web monetization cheat sheet for those who sends funds to that page and/or give me an email address.