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Ben Marshall
Creative lead at Vivid IoV Labs, the startup formed from the winning team of UCL and Ripple’s Block-Sprint 2019
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Hi all

We have been busy recording the first episodes of our podcast series dedicated to Web Monetization. We've have had some great guests on already, would love to hear from more community members who would like to take the opportunity to talk about their projects.

If you are interested, please either complete the short form at https://www.vividiov.com/podcast or contact me on here.

Once tidied up, we will be releasing the episodes on various platforms including this website.


Ben - Vivid IoV Labs

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Hessel van Oorschot

He Ben, are you interested to interview FMA? More about our web monetization journey can be found here: community.webmonetization.org/free...

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Ben Marshall Author

Yes, absolutely! Lets arrange it, should I email your info address?

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Hessel van Oorschot

Please send me some date/time suggestion. I am based in the Netherlands. My email: hessel@tribeofnoise.com

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Highly recommend jumping on this Podcast!