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Adding WM for my gaming content creators website

Adel Chemi
Javascript Web Developer and freelancer
・1 min read

When I had idea as web developer and gamer to create web platform for gaming where they can share their content.

I was thinking from beginning to make something that gives revenues to the creators who share their links or write blogs. so I created custom script with Awin affiliate that share commission for its post reference. the idea was to put an ad of Awin affiliate on each post. any commission will back to the writer. it wasn't something an easy and secure so I disabled it.

until I found Web Monitizing on DEV.TO on settings I felt so happy that can add such feature to my website as well.

my website: https://gamefib.com

Gamefib aritcle screenshot

Alt Text

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Ayesha Ware

Hi @adel_chemi welcome to the community

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Adel Chemi Author

Thank you

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Chris Lawrence

Nice, welcome to the community!

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Adel Chemi Author


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Nice! I love how simple dev.to makes it to add a payment pointer. You can add one here, in this community, too! For anyone who hasn't done it, just go to Profile -- Extensions -- Web Monetization.