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Amy James


I'm Amy James, I'm the co-inventor of Open Index Protocol a spec for a persistent worldwide index and file library useful for data publishing, file distribution and facilitating direct payments & I'm the creator of the video series What Kind of Internet Do You Want? (see season 1 here: youtube.com/channel/UCwR-u1AGVYre-...) We are now creating season 2 of the show with support from Grant for the Web!

We are based in sunny San Diego, CA and I love it - but every winter when the temps drop into the 50's I try to convince my husband we should move to Florida - I hate cold weather!

I'm most excited about Web Monetization because of how it will help artists & creators - being able to control your own distribution & get paid directly is a game changer!!

Stoked to be part of this community & looking forward to getting to know you all!