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Helping on board contributors with an ILP validator

Simon Metson
Building https://www.audiotarky.com/ to make a fair, privacy focussed music platform.
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I wrote a silly ILP validation UI after one of my beta users had issues. I’m fairly sure there are others out there already, so wondered what other folk were doing?

It’s a jump for people beyond this community, but one that needs to be made for it to be successful & grow. How are people addressing that? How do you answer “I’ve got a PayPal, why can’t I use that?” usefully?

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Antonio Talarico

Hi Simon,

Very interested in your ILP validation UI. I've just validated mine and it seems to start a "per second" payment in XRP to my UpHold account. Is that the goal? Or is the goal to validate you payment pointer to be able to initiate a payment when someone with a Coil extension?

Also, I work at Kendraio and we're also focusing on an "streaming platform" for music that exploits web monetisation and the like. Curious to hear you process and share ours. Where can I reach you? Plus, the PayPal situation seems a common point that it's worth resolving (or at least find a work around) to not restrict user acquisition.

Happy to hear your thoughts!

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Simon Metson Author

Sounds good! Yes, the goal is to ensure that an ILP is correct & working, rather than testing that you have coil installed correctly (though that a side effect).
Be good to compare notes, drop me a mail simonmetson at gmail... :)

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Antonio Talarico

Sent you an email!

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We get this question all the time... and honestly, for our non-American users it's way easier to comprehend. Essentially we talk about the fees that PayPal charges and the, ah, generous international exchange rates they give themselves... and how ILP is speedy and essentially feeless. When people we talk to counter with "I've never paid fees on PayPal or Venmo" we aren't usually able to convert them over.

People from other countries or who travel a lot are able to make the leap a lot easier.