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Discussion on: Web Monetization + NFT = ... ?

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Andrzej Mazur

Thanks for the mention - I think mixing and matching stuff like Web Monetization and NFTs can only benefit the community, as creators can offer more diversified ways fans can support them. Right now it feels devs implementing Web Monetization in game jams we're organizing are a totally separate group from those doing NFTs and developing within Web 3 / blockchain, but it starts to change.

With optional categories in js13kGames competition and Gamedev.js Jam we see some devs are trying to implement both, and this maximizes the reach. I've noticed the first year of js13kGames having Web Monetization category in 2019 was more like an experiment of how this new tech can even be implemented, while the second year in 2020 people went creative and the level of quality was way higher. I bet the third year in 2021 should bring even more diversified and unique ways, and tossing in decentralized tech will only make this more fun.

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Radhy Author

Indie games have been in the frontline of creative experimental breakthrough for a few years, I'm excited to see more innovative approach from game devs to enrich both Web Monetization and NFT ecosystem in the future 🚀🚀🚀