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A list of social benefit payment pointers

Here is a list of social benefit organizations and projects that have set a payment pointer. New entries will be continually added so bookmark this page and check back often.

If you have not set up your own payment pointer yet, consider choosing one from the list below and adding it to your profile.

This list has been updated for MozFest 2022. The Volunteer's Choice organizations are freeCodeCamp and Web Foundation.

Organization Payment Pointer
Ballet Rising $ilp.uphold.com/4hyPF8hgjKMw
Black Web Fest $ilp.uphold.com/nNNJqKhp3PDZ
Creative Living For Dancers $ilp.uphold.com/FR7UfwWWfib3
Critical Read $ilp.uphold.com/6WaPJ87LUaMB
Defold Foundation $ilp.uphold.com/QkG86UgXzKq8
freeCodeCamp $ilp.uphold.com/LJmbPn7WD4JB
Interledger Foundation $ilf.dev/mozfest
ITADI coffee $ilp.uphold.com/kjMJqg7gH7JA
Internet Archive $ilp.uphold.com/D7BwPKMQzBiD
Library Futures $ilp.uphold.com/YNmJxZA8NBkL
Mozilla Foundation Foundation $ilp.uphold.com/aKpM9kwnGBy4
Permanent Legacy Foundation $ilp.uphold.com/q7GmKQrREaEE
S.T.O.P. (Surveillance Technology Oversight Project) $ilp.uphold.com/RHZ6KZx4mWQi
Ushahidi $ilp.uphold.com/kN2KHpqhNFiM
Web Foundation $ilp.uphold.com/rKe8mMbUGkBm
Wellness Through Mindfulness $ilp.gatehub.net/735653594

Discussion (11)

sharafian profile image
Ben Sharafian

It's awesome to see this many pointers!

If we can convince some of them to put redirects to their pointer on /.well-known/pay on their domains, then they could have some cool vanity pointers like $archive.org or $creativecommons.org

That would make it clearer who the site is supporting if you look at their payment pointer

cyberdees profile image
Desigan CHINNIAH • Edited on

Could we perhaps compose a simple 'how to' on webmonetization.org on doing this? Or even better still a blog post that we can point our NFP friends too.

sharafian profile image
Ben Sharafian


A community member has written up a helpful article on this, actually! In terms of instructions it mainly covers Apache. We could consider adding a page on webmonetization.org that goes a little more rigorously through all the main tools that one would publish their site on, if we want more concrete instructions for sites to follow.

radhyr profile image
Radhy • Edited on

It'd be nice to see this kind of post more, especially if there's any recognizable charity organization like Red Cross setting up their payment pointer to public.

There's a lot of people collaborating over the internet not doing for money; so instead opting out from revenue sharing they can just put charity organizations' payment pointers on that. It's probably going to be the most accessible way to do things for fun and charity at the same time.

I've bookmarked this, by the way. Hope to see more organizations joining in. Thanks for posting this Erika!

cyberdees profile image

You (and everyone else) can help too, @radhyr . If you know of a not-for-profit that is already experimenting with or keen to experiment with Web Monetization β€” feel free to connect them with any of the folks within the @grantfortheweb team, myself included...

radhyr profile image

Yes, will do! I'll keep that in mind if I see one in the future.

phivk profile image
Philo van Kemenade

@chrislarry @erikad Do we have any updates on trustworthy payment pointers for orgs supporting humanitarian efforts in/around Ukraine?

erikad profile image
Erika Author

We are working to find one, support a reputable organization to create one, or come up with suitable temporary solution. Setting up a payment pointer can be an effort for organizations, and we are conscious of drawing energy away from where it is most needed. That being said, we are actively working on this. If anyone knows a reputable organization with an existing payment pointer, please contact us right away.

chrislarry profile image
Chris Lawrence

Still working on this, but also considering using one I have.

divydovy profile image
David Lockie

@cyberdees is this list open for additions? Are there any criteria (other than it being a recognised NFP?)

cyberdees profile image

It's totally up for additions. @erikad regularly makes updates once anyone gives her the heads up.