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Discussion on: Revenue Sharing on Rafiki Mega Thread

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Radhy Author

I think a Rafiki-based Ko-fi (ko-fi.com/) implementation would be super cool as an example!

Basically, have a button anyone can drop into a site, with a Coil-like payment pointer or wallet hooked up (not sure how Rafiki handles that), and clicking that "Buy me a coffee" button will send $1 worth of coins.

They already have demo on payment using wallet that uses Interledger payment pointer as an example (both one-time tipping/payment and subscription like Ko-fi). The demo site is rafiki.shop, though it seems they don't regularly maintained it and sometimes the website simply not being able to load at all. If you can load it you can test the payment by using testnet wallet in rafiki.money.

In my opinion, the payment flow is already quite seamless especially since they also have integrated browsers' native payment dialog to their flow--aside, of course, the demo site being slow to load from having an unmaintained state.

I'm pretty sure Interledger payment solutions later will be more superior in term of simplicity and UX compared to existing tipping payments like Ko-fi. Not only the payment feels native from the get go, apparently we will be able to customize the subscription not only how much we get paid, but also how often the subscription interval will be (for example, you can offer subscription plans both per monthly or weekly basis at the same time--or maybe every a few days or even hours!).

As I wrote that, I realize I have zero idea of how Rafiki works... is it like a wallet where you specify a wallet address and a currency and amount? Does it only use XRP? Can you build in a wallet address into the "Coffee" button?

I think it wouldn't be much different from how they explain it on Interledger official site. Apparently the money (regardless whether it's crypto or fiat currency) will be converted automatically when the packet hopping through routers. Most likely users can set what currency they want to receive through their wallet providers.
Interledger converting currency

It will be much clearer if you try to send an Interledger payment yourself if you haven't already. You can try sending XRP from ripplex.io to a wallet on rafiki.money and see how the wallet will show how much the XRP converted to USD before you click the send button.

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Jan Zheng

Thanks for your lengthy response! I didn't know about any of these resources at all. Too bad that the demo site isn't being maintained (it doesn't load at all for me). I hope they improve the designer/developer experience soon!

I'll check out the other resources though! Thanks so much!

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Radhy Author

You're welcome!

Hopefully they'll do something about the demo once the new testnet instance is up 👍