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Discussion on: is it possible to use a modified CC license?

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Radhy • Edited on

Not an expertise on this but I think that would be an entirely different license altogether, since that would fall under royalty usage permission. I guess it will be similar to Unreal Engine in gamedev scene, where it is free to download and create content with it but creators would need to share revenue %royalty to Epic after certain revenue accumulated. But since internet more unrestrained than a company who could use legal force to get royalty from their consumer, something like this would need a sophisticated, automated system to smoothen dispute and to ensure assets owners to get their fair share of the revenue.

I do think that we need one like this, preferably with smart contracts and digital signature supporting as underlying tech to enforce revshare but still freely distributed and applied as easily as one subscribe to a RSS feed. Would be interesting if there's a follow up by someone to make something like this happen in GftW.