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Andrew Hancox
Owner at Open Source Learning delivering Moodle based LMSs and Freelance CTO
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It's been a really interesting few days immersing myself in the Web Monetization specification and documentation. Having been building traditional e-commerce solutions for 15 years culminating in recently launching my own product I had to revisit a few pretty fundamental assumptions about how things should work - more on that in my next post.

I've always believed that the best way to learn any technology is to get hands on and build so I have gone straight ahead and built a basic but usable Moodle plugin up and pushed it to GitHub. As you can see from the todo list there are a lot of very obvious next steps I'll be working through in the immediate future.

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Thomas Bnt

Hellooo 👋🏼

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Chris Lawrence

Welcome Andrew! Glad to have your thoughts and experiments here.